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Shamanic Therapy

Energetic Alignment was developed by the late pharmacist, agronomist, alchemist, researcher and sensitive from Rio de Janeiro Aloysio Delgado Nascimento (today also called shaman Dior Allem), based on his observations made during almost 15 years interacting with the indigenous tribes of the north and south of Brazil.
During his studies on how the pajés (shamans) proceeded with their healing work in the villages, he realised the shamans looked at the patients as a whole, instead of focusing just on the patient’s emotional or physical illness. By using their intuition to observe the ‘energetic body,' the shamans located energy blockages caused by past emotions, and helped release them.
Karin believes, as the shamans do, that the only way heal is by working not only on the illness but also transmutting the emotion (energetic body) attached to it.

Image by Arnaud Mesureur
Energy Alignment Services
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